The Beautiful Machine

The Machine

The Machine: I have watched the machine in so much detail for almost my entire life.  All of its workings organized into a dancer’s body.  This is years is in the making, as everyone knows.  Becoming a ballet dancer is more repetition than is perhaps humanly possible because there is indeed something inhuman about being a ballet dancer or a musician or a true cyclist, especially today.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Faster, stronger, better.   This repetition is accompanied by the slight distrust that comes from the fact that all of that repetition is subtly different everyday because the body has its variations from day to day, and one’s head is also not mechanized.  We are first and foremost human and alive.  Oddly in these endeavors, for those of us who pursue them, we are most alive and least mechanized in our thoughts and sensations when we are in the depths of them.  Emily Gresh

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