Knowing the Bike, However Briefly One Can


Within each of us is the handmade and unstoppable.  Within each of us are the qualities that can deliver beyond compare, powerful beyond even what we believe is possible within ourselves.  The right conditions, and the right people around us, are everything.  How we come to those moments is a great deal of luck, a blind hope in the face of everything, and unbelievable inner strength.  Every now and then, we get there.  Every now and then we are the right cyclist for the bicycle we have come to own.  Every now and then we get the maximum out of it and understand where to let up and where to dig deep, what is possible, best and good, and what is simply wear and tear on a perfectly wonderful machine.  If we only know the handmade and unstoppable within us briefly, it is almost enough.  It is best to find it and ride for as long as one can.

We each come to these moments and conditions in different ways.  Cycling has been important to me, freeing up a great deal, giving me plenty to enjoy within myself not so much based in speed or physical accomplishment but a different experience of myself that is related to dancing and tapped so much there, but also a release from dancing, and though a completely different experience, cycling is likewise related to surviving cancer at young age, and also similarly a complete release from surviving cancer at a young age.

In each cyclist, in each person, we have to applaud these things, the ability to know however briefly what we are capable of and how much we can find in life, to see these moments and know them in others so that we can continue to find them in ourselves.  To thrive post-cancer is a tremendous accomplishment, to find one’s way back to health through cycling is admirable in anyone.  To thrive in life, with or without the turmoil and shock of serious illness, is a greater accomplishment than we all sometimes admit and so worthy of our recognition. 

It is with the most heartiest congratulations that I admire and applaud cancer survivor and cyclist Barb Greenlee and the next iteration of the Inspire bike pictured above and launched recently, and the many beautiful moments I know she will find on the bike and in life.  Designed by Barb and beautifully brought to reality by Liv/Giant, I can’t wait to have the bike open more doors to cycling for women, cancer survivors, and the handmade and unstoppable in riders everywhere.  Emily Gresh

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