Avail Inspire Bike: Round Two

Bicycle Retailer And Industry News
Notice about the bike selling out in Bicycle Retailer And Industry News

My story of cancer survival at a young age and how I came to cycling from dancing is but one story among many powerful stories.  While my current bike may be of my own original design, it is now one of many Inspire bikes out there being ridden.  The bike has been sold out for awhile, all three hundred of the bikes initially produced by Giant.  A second production run of two hundred more bikes is becoming available to retailers now.

Each rider with an Inspire bike has her own singular story, how she came to choose that design, whether the bike came as a gift, or was purchased in its own right.  For some, the bike is simply just a cool looking bike.  For others, it has particular significance and meaning.  Whatever the reason for coming into possession of the bike, I couldn’t be more pleased that more and more women are taking up cycling and getting out on the road.  And there are inherent joys in cycling…regardless of the bike you ride.  Emily Gresh

A nice mention in Bicycle Retailer And Industry News, link below:

Bicycle Retailer

via Monday News Briefs.

3 thoughts on “Avail Inspire Bike: Round Two

    1. Thanks. Incredible to have a bike of my own design, and great that other people are enjoying it, as well. A handmade one would be nice someday, a Pegoretti or Sweetpea. And, then, there’s the fixie. Good luck with your charity ride, by the way. Sounds amazing…what a route, and what a great cause.

      1. Thanks. It’s a unique opportunity to combine the route with a fundraising effort. I am a bit nervous about being sufficiently prepared…

        And, yes, a handmade bespoke frameset would be rather nice!

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